Brand New Day

The sun does shine, the moon does glow

The tides of the ocean they do flow

Days turn to nights, stars shine bright

Dancing till dawn under the moonlight

Hearts soar height with the birds above

Teenagers discover their first love

We grow older and wiser beyond our years

Rolling along the river of tears

Each day that brings tears also brings joys

Taking us back to when we were girls and boys

Life so simple then so at ease

As if things of the future just a tease

In the sadness, in the pain

Friendship and love remain

A solid foundation that was built

On trust and love, not on guilt

In times of need this shines thru

In life, in love, in all people do

A solace, warmth, a place to retreat

To hide, to rest, to become complete

For then in the light of the new day

We emerge from the dark without delay

Confident, strong and born anew

To ourselves we now are true

The futures path golden and bright

Fill of promise, full of light

One step at a time, is the way to go

Then all will blossom, all will grow