Butterfly Heroine

A butterfly danced outside our window

Its delicate gossamer wings floated effortlessly

Suddenly frozen in flight

Captured in a translucent web

Held abruptly captive, impended doom

It twisted and struggled with all its might

Tragically witnessed by a young girl

This sudden injustice must be stopped

Impulsive heroine, she would rescue the delicate being

From a certain death

With stick in hand she rushed to the butterfly’s defense

Brandished like a mighty sword

Young defender prepared for a mighty battle

Against a hidden opponent, lurking out of sight

Remnants of victims seen in this tangled web

She bravely squared her shoulders

Wielded her mighty weapon

She was ready for combat

Careful to protect the innocent casualty

Fearless and mighty she fought gallantly to free the gentle sufferer

Her eyes peeled, watching for the spider to come out of hiding

Balanced like a tiny fairy queen, it waited

For the swift blow from the champions sword

Freed from its invisible prison, unchained from its tragic demise

It took flight then floated towards the sky above

Wings spread free, as it danced and bobbed

Upon a gentle breeze

Until it disappeared from sight

The young maiden giggled with delight

Basked in her righteous satisfaction

She gallantly tucked sword into her skirt

Another tragic death averted

She ran inside to share her tale

A champion’s smile danced all over her face

My daughter, the butterfly heroine.