Elfin Magic

One night an Imp had crossed my path,

While on a walk through forest dark,

A frightened scream from deep within,

Failed to hit its intended mark.

I was left with this fairy,

For no one heard my cries of fear,

I looked at him with curious eyes,

His presence here, unclear.

He reached a hand to my crimson hair,

And gently caressed its curls,

A smile crossed the little sprite’s face,

As though he’d never seen a girl.

I trembled ‘neath his gentle touch,

Trying to seem undaunted,

His face in awe of what he saw,

Though I feared for what he wanted.

He spoke to me with soothing tones,

Of my fair and lovely complexion,

And how he’d watched me many times,

With genuine affection.

He took my hand and walked me through,

His wooded home enchanted,

Showing me things I’d never seen,

I had taken them all for granted.

I saw the forest though different eyes

As we frolicked and giggled like children

He amused me with his playful ways

Changing the way in which I viewed him.

He no longer seemed a little pixie,

But instead a man of stature,

And on that moonlit night,

My heart he did so capture.

He asked if I could love a man

Who stood differently among the rest,

I saw his heart that lovely day,

To this I can attest.

There came a call off in the distance

My father beckoned me,

Time to leave this magical place

But sad separating myself from thee.

So I leaned and kissed his tiny forehead,

He smiled and said to me,

“I’ve found a love that’s pure of soul,

looking beyond this elfin me.”

He moved back a step and smiled

When a metamorphosis began

Changing before my very eyes

From tiny sprite to a noble man.

I gasped in utter surprise

Bewildered at what I spied

And this now exquisite gentleman

Kneeled before me and started to cry.

I had released him from an evil spell

That a watch had seen fit to impose

And with the kiss of my innocent love

‘Twas now free from all his woes.

He took my hand, laid upon his heart

And professed his undying love,

“Please be my princess forever more,

Marry me now under stars above.”

I found a man I shall always adore

On a magical moonlit stroll

Happily ever after in this fairytale,

Two before … but now one soul.