Floating in the pool, I feel so free

The feeling of floating weightlessly

My hair brushes my shoulders like feathery seaweed

Peace surrounds me, no sounds to impede

My eyes are closed, no cares in the world

My arms outstretched, feet unfurled

I hear muted sounds, water swishing over there

My thoughts linger on me, others swimming I do not care

A whistle pierces the peace that I feel

I open my eyes thinking jeesh what’s the deal?

I spot a lifeguard at the edge of the pool

Standing with his hand on his hip trying to look oh so cool

He screams "HEY LADY" and looks right at me

Other hand pointing to a sign next to a family

Swimsuits Required it said in bold letters

My style of floating completely unfetter

Seems to not be welcomed in this area

Naked floating in a public pool can cause quite a hysteria