Kindred Soul

She says so perfectly

With a softness

And a warm glow

That to be beautiful

Is sometimes

Only a signpost of loneliness

Her eyes sparkle

With the magic gleam

Of happiness remembered

Then slowly fade into a dream

Of hopeful understanding

And fearful anticipation

She seeks so desperately

Only another kindred soul

Who can fill the empty corners

Of her heart

With only

Love and kindness

But the path of her journey

Is only a maze

Of foolish lies

Broken dreams

And tearful moments

 Best forgotten

A spiral wandering

From determined promise of her own

To shared greetings of forever

Or perhaps a hopeful friendship

That only ends in foolish groping

Lonely touches best suppressed

But sorrow somehow fades away

Tomorrow is another dream

For lonely minutes

Always hurt

And lead a hopeful soul

To one more joyful quest