Should be taken and examined upon finger tips

Drank until drunk upon the beauty of each syllable

Should be whispered on bared souls

Marry people to each other’s minds


Should be considered as if they are a cure

Contemplated intensely so you can see the beauty that they form

Paint the color of the heavens and wind

Should heal the broken heart, body, and mind


Should be held in reverence of their power

Speak when not spoken

Be expressed through a knowing glance

And spoken with integrity…. always


Should titillate the recesses of your mind

Fill the tongue with declarations so big they pour out as a pledge of love

Avoid gossip, tattling and hearsay

Cure tear stained cheeks


Should be respected, admired, worshiped, held in devotion and astonishment

Should be taken slowly, seep into the brain and soul

They should guarantee happiness

And right wrongs instead of poems